~Carl Jung~

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Celia van Wyk, PhD,

Registered Sandplay Practitioner Teacher-Consultant (STR-CT)
Association for Sandplay Therapy (AST)

What Is Sandplay and who is it for?

Sandplay is an effective technique that enables people of all ages to express their emotions, reveal traumas, and develop safe relationships and self-actualisation. Sandplay can be beneficial to people of any age ... It can be particularly helpful for children ...

Become a Registered Sandplay Therapist with AST

Sandplay is for Adults and Children. Jungian Sandplay Therapy acts as a healing psychotherapy method offering clients non-intrusive and deeper ways of addressing trauma. Emotional issues are presented as grief, fears, phobias, low self-esteem, depression...

Client Testimonials


Celia was my sand play therapy assessor, supporting my last hurdle towards my certification in becoming a sand play therapist. Celia was a lady where I felt straight away her warm presence which put me at ease before starting my presentation. I could see that Celia was extremely engaged in my presentation of 3 sand trays and also indicated aspects of my trays that had specific meaning. I have taken a while to have the courage to present my trays, but realised whilst presenting to Celia I had no need worry about this part of the sand play journey in becoming a therapist. If you were thinking about taking the next step to present as part of the sand play assessment I wouldn’t hesitate to choose Celia as the assessor. I was able to gather my thoughts as she gave me the space to do so, saving questions to the end of each tray. This helped immensely as I was able to retrieve knowledge easier and it allowed me to generate my enthusiasm whilst presenting. Thank you Celia for a very valuable experience which left me feeling elated and capable of my abilities after the presentation was over.

Lindi Redfern

Having recently completed a personal Sandplay process I am delighted with the experience. My first SP in this series was entered with trepidation about what might come up and as such was totally different to the final episode of the series. The wide array of fascinating miniatures in Celia’s collection is in itself a powerful treasure trove. As someone who never regarded their self as creative it was empowering to be able to explore, express and put together images or stories in the sand. I recommend the concept of purposefully entering a personal SP process.

Corleen O'Shea

It's beyond words to express the profound impact sandplay therapy has had on my personal development and self-worth. I've yet to find a therapy that can match the unique offerings of sandplay. My gratitude goes out to Celia, for the exemplary professionalism she demonstrated and the limitless love and care she provided throughout my personal journey.