In the realm of psychology, we are constantly seeking innovative therapeutic approach to better understand and heal the complexities of the human mind. Today, I implore you to consider integrating sandplay therapy into your practices, for it holds the potential to unlock profound insights and facilitate transformative healing beyond the conscious realm.

Traditionally, much of psychology has been conducted within the confines of a client’s belief systems and conscious profiling. While these methods are valuable, they often only scratch the surface of the intricate tapestry of the human psyche.

Therapeutic approach

Imagine a therapeutic approach where clients are invited to create their inner worlds using sand, miniature figures, and symbols. Through this process, the unconscious mind begins to reveal itself, offering glimpses into deeply rooted traumas, unexpressed emotions, and unconscious patterns. As mental health therapists sandplay therapy opens up a treasure trove of insights and opportunities for profound healing.

Now, you may be wondering why training in sandplay therapy, particularly with Dr. Celia van Wyk, is essential for your journey as a therapist in the psychology field, especially if you’re just starting your studies. Dr. van Wyk is a pioneer in this field, with extensive experience and expertise in harnessing the power of sandplay as a therapeutic tool. Her training goes beyond the theoretical framework, providing hands-on experience and practical skills necessary to navigate the intricacies of sandplay therapy with confidence and efficacy.

By embarking on this journey with Dr. van Wyk, you will gain access to a powerful new dimension of psychology—one that delves deep into the unconscious realms, offering profound insights and healing potential for both you and your clients. Through sandplay therapy, you will not only explore subjective ideas of self, people, and places but also unlock the hidden wisdom of the unconscious mind, guiding you towards holistic healing and transformation.

I invite you to join us for our one-year theoretical training program starting in August 2024, where you will be empowered with advanced knowledge and accredited training materials endorsed by the Association for Sandplay Therapy.

Together, let us embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, as we harness the transformative power of sandplay therapy an added therapeutic approach to illuminate the path towards healing and wholeness.

Sandplay Training – Therapeutic approach

Sandplay Theoretical Training

Wednesdays 18:00 – 21:00 (not every Wednesday)

7 August 2024 – 1 October 2025

Sandplay Practical Weekends

Friday – Sunday – 8am – 4.30pm

8 November 2024 – 10 November 2024
23 May 2025 – 25 May 2025

Early Bird Special – Registration & Payments on or before 20 Junie 2024
* R 35 000

A: Full Payment (to be received within 10 days of Registration Acceptance)
* R 41 000

B: Payment Agreement Plan
* Deposit R3 500 Payment Plan R 37 500

Important to Note:  Training forms part of the requirements to become registered as a sandplay therapist with AST (Association for Sandplay Therapy). For more information you welcome to email me at 


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