Sandplay South Africa Registration & Training Information

CPD Accredited Sandplay Training
CEU Clinical 25
CEU Ethical 5

What is Sandplay?

Sandplay therapy is an in-depth psychotherapy ideal for everyone, especially for adults or children who can’t or don’t want to verbalise their trauma and/or imbalances experienced.

Watch this short introductory VIDEO CLIP on Sandplay Therapy by Dr.Barbara Turner (former President of AST & author of the well-known and renowned Handbook of Sandplay Therapy).

These courses build to highly advanced theoretical concepts & practical applications of the Sandplay method in the tradition of the founder of the Sandplay method, Dora Kalff.

Our Presenters always encourage active participation, discussions & questions, & maintain a respectful, relaxed & comfortable learning environment.

What will the Training Involve?

Training will cover 25 x 3-hour online sessions-spread over roughly twice per month (75 AST accredited hours in total) & 3 x weekend practical sessions (45 AST accredited hours) in Cape Town.

You will receive all the theoretical training required for AST registration, which will include topics such as Introduction to Sandplay Therapy; Jungian Psychology; Neuroscience in Sandplay; Use of Symbols in Sandplay; Understanding & Tracking the Process of Sandplay; Studying of real Cases; Working with Children & Adults in Sandplay Therapy; Myths & Stories in Sandplay; Alchemy & much more …….

For full certification, participants will, in addition to this course work, be required to have 15 sandplay sessions (in person), with a Registered Sandplay Therapist (excluding 6 sessions that are included in the training, thus 21 sessions required in total); and 50 online Hours of Consultation. Please refer to our AST website for full certification requirements.

Fundamental Training Includes:

  • Introduction to sandplay therapy
  • Sandplay with children & adults
  • Symbols & symbolic process in sandplay therapy
  • Basic Jungian theory
  • Understanding & tracking the process of sandplay

Advanced Training Includes:

  • Neuroscience and sandplay
  • Impact of neuroplasticity in sandplay
  • Working with myths & stories in sandplay
  • Pre-sandplay work with children
  • Alchemy, chakras, elements in sandplay
  • In-depth sandplay case studies

International Curriculum Training

This is a Specialised AST accredited Training that can lead to your being a Registered AST Sandplay Therapist in South Africa.

The Association Grants the Designations:

STR: Registered Sandplay Therapist
Registered Sandplay Therapist-Consultant
Registered Sandplay Therapist-Consultant Teacher


Teaching Dates for South African Training Courses

CPD Accredited Sandplay Training
CEU Clinical 25
CEU Ethical 5