“I loved having the experience. Thank you Celia I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and start my training and process with you.”

“I am so happy I did this course and I believe that my journey with sandplay has just really started. I would love to be a trainer myself one day!”

“Very well structured and contained. Supports both intellectual/professional and personal development. Yes, it may seem pricey, but it is not expensive. The personal and professional growth is priceless.”

“I loved the whole experience. It was very useful to be able to be both the client and the therapist. That helped to integrate the work.”

“Thank you for being a healing teacher.”

“This course offers an in depth theoretical basis but more beneficial was the practical application which I was able to immediately implement in my practice. It should be part of the masters programme at universities.”

“The training was insightful.”

“Both Celia and Ansa went out of their way to educate us. They supported us academically but also emotionally as the journey was very personal and self exploratory as well.”

“Most profound experience and training.”

“I learned a lot about sandplay from these two ladies. Especially their practical background. The training was outstanding.”

“This course was incredibly enriching and at the same time provided valuable practical/applied principles and tools. For anyone seriously interested in Sandplay and its therapeutic value I recommend this course 100%.”

“I was thrilled with the course.”

“Overall grow largely as therapist.”

“It was presented well with lots of examples to make it applicable and understood.”

“The pace was slow which helped a lot with processing and grasping the complex information. We had work that we were expected to do on our own which also aided in our learning.”

“Wonderful trainers and a warm collaboration between trainees.”

“Celia and Ansa are a wealth of knowledge and the course was set at the correct pace.”

“The case studies were very helpful and interesting.”

“It was an enriching experience and wonderful application of Jungian theory …”

“A very rich learningboth personal and for practice – very good balance and it suited me.”

“I am standing at the edge of what I know and don’t know with a greater willingness to change what I do know …”

“Sandplay is a truly remarkable and fantastic tool that assists a client on his/her healing journey on a level that talk therapy completely misses. That “AHA” moment is certainly amplified and maintained for life because of the client’s sandplay journey.”

“I loved every minute. Barbara is a fabulous presenter – warm, professional and also fun and human. She was able to “hold” the group very effectively during some very difficult discussions. Barbara is a true professional who uses her knowledge wisely and sensitively. Boundaries were always in place and she helped the group to bond in a beautiful way. Thank you Barbara – it has been a transforming experience.”

“Barbara thanks for the training. When a child is making his/her sandplay scene, I can feel your presence and hear your teaching. Thanks once again.”

“I find Barbara’s way of explaining and teaching (Jungian theory) easy to grasp and understand. It is a privilege to have an international trainer available to teach us sandplay.”



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